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and today was a day just like any other.

claudia alyssan.
3 February
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me. claudia alyssan. nineteen. february third. second year of college. peruvian-american. southern california. bilingual. bibliophile.
animanga&books. (a) COMPLETE LIST. current—; soul eater. persona 4 the animation. last exile (rewatching). sugar sugar rune. ouran high school host club (catching up). (b) 50 (or more) NEW BOOKS IN 2012. harry potter. the guardians of time trilogy. the safe-keeper’s secret. jane austen novels. wings (aprilynne pike) series. hex hall trilogy. howl’s moving castle. eyes like stars trilogy. jessica’s guide to dating on the dark side. jessica rules the dark side.
television. currently watching—; once upon a time. the vampire diaries. the secret circle, revenge. brothers & sisters. downton abbey. true blood. planning to watch —; pan am. sherlock (bbc). game of thrones. parks and recreation. big bang theory. doctor who (eventually). finished—; avatar the last airbender. friends. robin hood bbc. boy meets world.

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